Bzzzpeek: Environmental sounds from around the world!

Onomatopoeia, or words for the sounds of things, like “creak” or “moo” are huge fun for young children.

They’re fun for the rest of us, too, when you look at how much they vary in different languages.  
As such, I give you: Bzzzpeek.  Kid-friendly sounds from 22 countries, done by children who are native speakers.

There are many animals (like the cow) with only slight variations, but some real head-scratchers as well.  (the Japanese snake is a fun one).

No ads, no links, no distractions.

The ONLY thing not awesome about this site? It was, at last I checked, in flash and didn’t work on iOS devices.  


About tinyhandsbigideas

Speech and Language Pathologist, former toddler teacher, messy play enthusiast, and unapologetic type B.
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