Upcycled Daffodils

I can’t take credit for this particular project, but I do want people to know about it, because I think it’s total genius:




lampshade daffodil

I like how the light bulb bracket (harp?) is left in, evoking the center of the flower, and allowing a handy spot to anchor it.

While I haven’t done this project myself, it *seems* simple, clever, and inexpensive.

Yet another way in which Cleveland Botanical Gardens has really impressed me with their children’s garden.Image

Smaller Daffodils were made with tiny plastic pots, still attached with zip ties.

Basically, they’re taking inexpensive lampshades, probably obtained from a thrift store, and painting them yellow.  Next, they’re using zip ties to attach them to flower shapes (made of corrugated plastic in this case; corrugated cardboard would work for an indoor display), finishing the paint job, and displaying.














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Speech and Language Pathologist, former toddler teacher, messy play enthusiast, and unapologetic type B.
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