Getting a handle on apple prints.

I’ll admit, I’m a little frustrated with apple printing.  The kids (well, these two-and-a-half-year-olds) don’t seem to find it any more interesting than printing with something cheaper, like stamps we already have.
The main problem is that their hands (tiny hands!) just can’t hold the apples, and they get frustrated.

Solution: cutting handles into the apples.

Some other things we learned:

  • make sure you have a long, sharp knife.  We used a dullish paring knife, which resulted in an uneven printing surface
  • Cut the apples in several ways–at least one in the classic “apple print” shape, and at least one right through the middle so you can see the star shape made by the seeds.
  • Use tart, very crisp apples (Granny smith, maybe?) or, if you have a group of kids, several varieties.
  • Use the apples right away.  If you wait an hour (like we did) the cut surface starts to oxidize and get brown and mushy.
  • Put more than one color on the paint plate so that it can be a color mixing activity as well.
  • With young kids, keep giving them new pieces of paper– it keeps them engaged and keeps the final prints from being a gloppy mess.

About tinyhandsbigideas

Speech and Language Pathologist, former toddler teacher, messy play enthusiast, and unapologetic type B.
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