Gelatin Cakes – Part 1

Injecting liquid watercolor into the gelatin cake on Tiny Hands, Big Ideas blog

Gelatin- fun as Jello, but WAY more fun as a sensory experience.

I first heard of doing gelatin cakes and pipettes in a philosophy of education class in college, a good ten years ago in a video on Bev Bos.  I was enchanted, and finally have a class of toddlers to try it on.

Gelatin cake before- tiny hands, big ideas blog
Poking the gelatin cake. It’s squishy!

It’s many kinds of goodness in one.  First, you have the jiggly, gooshy, ooey gooey gelatin.  Then you’ve got squeezy pipettes (or medicine droppers or bulb syringes)  and liquid watercolors (making this a color mixing activity as well.)

On the gelatin cake itself:
Prepare the gelatin according to package instructions.  My bundt pan was just the right size for eight cups of water/gelatin mixture.  Nonstick cooking spray is recommended, but crisco works fine.  It will set just fine in the fridge or even on a countertop, just make sure you give it 24 hours.

On liquid watercolor
I use liquid watercolor because I have it on hand and I love it the colors.  You don’t have to–food coloring works just as well, though it stains more.

On Pipettes
I love pipettes for 18 months and up.  I bought 100 for $7 on amazon (and here’s the link.  In general, the ones in the science supply section are cheaper than the ones in the toy department).  That’s cheap enough to be disposable if one goes up someone’s nose or fills with playdough.

Gelatin Cake Fresh from the bundt pan and ready for sensory play on the Tiny Hands, Big Ideas blog

This is the gelatin cake for sensory play. Cut into thirds it was plenty for ten toddlers to play with.


Gelatin cakes with liquid watercolors on Tiny hands, big ideas blog

‘Fantasgick! one toddler exclaims

Gelatin cakes with liquid watercolors on Tiny hands, big ideas blog

Gelatin cakes with liquid watercolors on Tiny hands, big ideas blog

Part 2 to follow!


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