Last-minute father’s day photo gift.

"My heart belongs to daddy" card from Tiny Hands, big ideas.

Father’s day sneaks up on some of us.

Here’s my favorite last-minute father’s day gift we’ve made for fathers of infants in our care:

Tiny Hands, Big Ideas father's day gift photo of infant

We were able to give the illusion that he was holding the sign (and keep him from eating it) by attaching it to a clear plastic sensory tube–a plastic bottle might do the same thing.
You can see a hand holding the tube as well, which was cropped out of the final image.

Some of the kids just sat beside it, but I think it worked well in all cases.

After we printed the images, we put them in cardboard frames the kids had painted with dad’s favorite sports team colors.  (Dad may not have  a favorite sports team, but our infants’ dads sure did!)

This is something that can be done the friday before father’s day (or mother’s day, or a birthday).

If you’re even shorter on time, like I was this year, (I had an hour!) try a pop-up card with the child’s original art.  (this almost-three-year-old seems to have written her dad a long letter inside!)

Detailed "my heart belongs to daddy" pop-up card instructions, from "tiny hands, big ideas"

What have been your favorite last-minute handmade gifts?


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Speech and Language Pathologist, former toddler teacher, messy play enthusiast, and unapologetic type B.
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